Nuts and Honey

Nuts and Honey
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66 Longboard Essentials

12- 1 1/4" Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

16 - Mounting Screw Lock Nuts

16 - Speed Rings

8 - Axle Nuts

8 - Bearing Spacers

4 - Kingpin Nuts

2 - ABEC 7 Bearings

The creation of Nuts and Honey came from longboarders frequently coming in the shop and asking for various hardware items to repair their boards. Sometimes it's a mounting screw that comes loose because the lock nut has lost it's ability to hold tight, or (cringe) a wheel falls off due to changing wheels too many times without replacing the axle nut. How many speed rings have you lost when you've taken off your wheels? Did your bearings come with spacers? Building a new board? Whatever the case, a box of Nuts and Honey has 66 pieces, everything you need to build a board with extra hardware to keep it running sweet. This is a must have for any longboarder, keep it with your helmet and slide gloves and you will always be prepared.

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